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Foreign Devil

July 22, 1940
Lucky Black Foreign Devil!

Los Angeles Times
A black Siamese kitten makes its appearance in a pedigreed seal point litter. According to the Times, legend says, "every seventh or ninth generation a black kitten is born as a surprise to a pure strain Siamese cat." The little black kitten's guardian, Lepha Kendall of 171 N. Gage Street, names him Black Foreign Devil. Kendall is very happy to have her little "black sheep."

January 24, 1940
Mother of 300 Kittens Rounds Out 24th Year

Los Angeles Times
"Tis said that cats are wise beyond their years, and if they could talk 'twould burn our human ears," an old saying claims. Peggy is a six-pound feline owned by Mrs. Anna Funk and she lives at 1485 Alexander Avenue of Pomona. Peggy is 24 years old and has had 300 kittens. Her first litter of kittens is estimated to occur in January 1917 and her last on July 13, 1935. Peggy’s kittens are given to loving homes, and one lives as far away as Eureka. Despite her age, Peggy hunts mice and gophers, and her fourteen-year-old son Honeyboy (who weighs fifteen pounds) still lives at home. Her best friend is Toy, a Boston terrier.

April 26, 1940
Kittens Brags of Seven Toes

Los Angeles Times
Tippie is born in the city of Sierra Madre and has a record of six toes on each paw. Tippie is the "proud mother of a kitten with the astounding total of seven digits per foot." This record breaks the one held by Monrovia's famous Gabby and her grandchild Susabella. Locals believe the cat is influenced by local plant treatment--a big Wisteria vine in Sierra Madre is given a shot with Vitamin B-1. The newspaper surmises, "Tippie is said to have gotten a sniff of the potent soil stimulant," and even claims [who claims?] her kitten is of a lavender shade.

July 11, 1940
Pampered Pets Cat Motel

Los Angeles Times
Mildred Alexander operates a Sherman Oaks cat motel with 30 units that, when completed, will take up nearly an acre of ground. Adult cats will have barrel beds while others will be furnished with kitten cribs. According to the Times: "This new venture is the cat's meow, without exaggeration." Restless feline guests will be entertained with afternoon musicals in a soothing concert-court. Each blue and white cat bungalow has its own recreation hall. The inside of the rooms will have electrical lights and will be heated in the winter. During the summer, cats will enjoy bunks with sun and breeze. Mr. and Mrs. John Doe’s kitten finds comfort in the new motel when the family is away on vacation. The latest guests to the inn are "a Siamese matron and her brood of kittens which are great-great-grandchildren of Benedictine, the royal Siamese cat." [made corrections, but check original quote]

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