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March 3, 1957
Cats are like that

Press-Telegram, Long Beach reports on cats:
Blue Cats:
Blue cats have many names from, “Maltese, Russian Blue, Australian, and Carthusian cats. Blue cats not only need to have blue fur but lips, and the soles of feet.”

Strike-Bound Cats:
For nine days, fifteen New York cats on the Hudson River Pier 90 are kept from seeing their longshoremen friends. However some dockers, “who are devoted to the cats, had made arrangements with the pier watchman to provide food.” This keeps the cats from going hungry.

Aqua Cat:
At Ocean View, Virginia, bathers and vacationing on-lookers are amused as “Cindy,” a Persian kitten, loves to join his guardian by swimming along by his side. Cindy is a wild cat, as “she often joins her owners for a swim in the surf,” say onlookers.

June 21, 1957
Stepping Out

Press-Telegram, Long Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Al Bray, 1779 Locust Avenue, own a seven-year-old blond cocker spaniel named Missy. Missy has never given birth but that does not stop her from adopting the kitten the Brays bring home. Missy starts to nurse the kitten right away, and the kitten is strong and healthy. The kitten walks around wanting to bark and bury bones, thanks to Missy. The Brays are very concerned and consider taking the kitten to a cat psychiatrist.

July 3, 1957
‘Good Luck’ Kitten

Press-Telegram, Long Beach
A kitten, charcoal gray with white stripes and with extra white toes on her front feet, follows Mrs. Jack Shovers, of 4624 Goldfield Avenue, home from Houghton Park. Mrs. Shovers seeks the kitten’s guardian but is doubtful after two weeks and no response to her signs. Many tell her a cat with such pattern “brings good luck.”

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