King Kitty!

True Royalty

May 31, 2011 - Searching for a new puppy, Alhambra college student finds a baby kitten that melts the hearts of a dog loving family. Being curious, Michelle Lopez of Alhambra, searches for free kittens around the Los Angeles city. Soon an advertisement from El Monte grabs her attention saying, "Free kittens, abandoned box of kittens found, they are about 6 weeks, e-mail for further information." Immediately after sending an email, the owner informs her to come by the house and take the kitten she desires. Without her mother's permission, Ms. Lopez and her boyfriend Oscar Bustos get the new baby kitten. Princess is the name they give the mixed tabby, with a striped tail and two white paws. Princess is potty trained within three days and never destroys any furniture. Princess enjoys meow mix, tummy rubs, and takes her vitamins daily.

July 11, 2012
King Kitty!

Gabrielle Garcia
The Studio for Southern California History
Kitty the Third is found in the late summer of 1998 in an apartment parking lot. One of my neighbors escorts him down from a tree, and hands him to my older brother (who is seven at the time). Kitty is the most genuine feline I ever have the pleasure of meeting. He always greets you with a death-locking stare. He never grows attached to anyone but my older brother; nevertheless he is still quite sensitive. I remember coming home from elementary school with tears in my eyes (bullies probably) and he comes up to me, and rubs himself on my legs. Kitty loves feet. He always comes to the rescue if you are upset, even if it is the quiet kind of upset. Kitty (a housecat) is with my family for fourteen years. But the day comes when Kitty begins losing weight, and refusing to eat. Everyone in my family worries and constantly tries cheering him up, we buy different brands of foods, we try to mix it with treats, nothing works. Kitty is getting old, and suffering from kidney failure. We buy the fluids to refresh him and inject him daily, but Kitty grows tired of the routine. He is put down soon after, when the vet tells us he is not going to make it. The day he passes away, everyone is crying. My mother, father, brother, and I all put our heads next to his little body. My father kisses his little paws over and over again (this coming from the man that swore he hated the cat that sprayed everywhere), and I cry for hours. We leave the hospital with a strange feeling. Now we look at our home with the love and care of knowing that Kitty’s spirit still resides in our home.

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