Catteries are all the rage!
Did you know? I know what you are thinking! An Affectionate Cat

August 11, 1901
Make Thousands of Dollars Working from Home!

Los Angeles Times
According to the Los Angeles Times, “The number of women who are succeeding in the cat industry is already fairly large and is constantly increasing.” This emerging love of cats fills the homes of women who considerably love cats and love to take care of them. Miss Van Allen believes the popularity of fancy feline pets is growing, and intelligent women are encouraged to start their own home-based small cattery (breeding business). Angora or Persian is the most popular breed among current catteries, but Maltese, Manx, Maine, Hairless Mexican and Siamese kittens are all wanted. It is suggested breeding is quite easy: all one requires is a handsome male; two females; a carefully disinfected kennel; a supply of crib blankets, aired daily and washed weekly; a place for the cats to exercise; a wholesome diet; plenty of fresh water; and an occasional bath for the cats and kittens. Mrs. Norton and Miss Van Allen explain cats should not be bathed more than once a month as too much bathing may cause "convulsions, gastritis, diarrhea, sore eyes, distemper, worms, ringworm, and poisoning." Kennels start at $75, according to Mrs. Porter L. Evans, and a good male may be bought for $25. A good female may be purchased for about $15-25. Initially, eye color for cats may be difficult to predict, but with experience the colors one desires may be attained.

Approximately 1/3 of cat owners think their pets are able to read their minds.


April 16, 1905
A True Story of an Affectionate Cat

Los Angeles Times
A woman renting a house finds two kittens in the cellar and notices one kitten has only three legs. According to writer George Day Bromley, the kitten’s close companion “never would eat until the cripple cat ate first.” The kitten’s friend also helps his three-legged friend up the stairs first, and even cleans his fur. The kitten with three legs lies on the other cat’s body for comfort.

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