Hen loves cats!
Crystal BallMrs Cat

April 29, 1909
Seeks Jewel in a Trance

Los Angeles Times
Catherine Collins travels to the office of the District Attorney to report that someone stole jewelry and personal property from her home. A psychic medium warns Collins about a “dark-complexioned lady” who has the missing items and Collins convinces Deputy Constable to search Mrs. Vibiana Moline’s home where they discover a suspicious looking trunk, where the Deputy “unearths only Momma cat and baby kittens.” Deputy Constable learns Ms. Collins has no proper claims for a search warrant and asserts, “no more search warrants for any dark-complexioned ladies from this office.”

May 14, 1915
Hen (S)mothers Kittens

Los Angeles Times
Thomas Gaynor of Punta Gorda, Carpinteria is the guardian of a hen named Biddy, who hovers over a litter of kittens since their birth. The kittens receive their nutrition by sneaking away from Biddy and finding their cat mother, who keeps her distance from the chicken. Biddy is in the same manger the cat gave birth in, “she immediately left [her] eggs and hovered [over] the newborn kittens."

June 6, 1915
Strange Home of this Odd Family

Los Angeles Times
Mrs. Cat finds a home with three Greek bootblacks at the stand of the Exchange Barber Shop, at No. 122 West Fourth Street. One morning while searching for polish and brushes, the bootblack finds kittens in his shoeshine box, and initially the mother and kittens are allowed to stay. But if the mother does not search for a new home the management of the shop will find a new place within the jurisdiction of the court. The reporter of this story for The Los Angeles Times writes, “The mother cat refused to perform for the camera, being the only individual in Los Angeles without motion picture aspirations.”

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