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July 10, 1917
All for a Tiny Dying Kitten

Los Angeles Times
Fannie Oldham, a tiny elderly woman, finds a stray black and white kitten whose back legs have been crushed by an automobile in Boyle Heights. Mrs. Oldham walks the streets of Los Angeles, from drugstore to drugstore, hoping to find a kind clerk who will give her chloroform to end the small creature’s suffering. Astonished at the distance the elderly Oldham walks, Dr. Stadfield, a police surgeon at a nearby receiving hospital, administers and prepares a painless death for the kitten. The little old lady, who “smiled through three hours of arduous walking, forgot to smile as tears rolled down each cheek from eyes which rarely are moist,” writes the reporter of The Los Angeles Times. Oldham cries as the kitten is put to sleep and expresses a desire to bury the kitten in a special box.

November 9, 1924
Girl Saves Starving Orphan

Los Angeles Times
According to writer Lonnie Haynes Martin, while walking on Sunset Boulevard, May Hunter finds a fatally wounded cat and three kittens. Hunter takes the kittens home and tries to feed them but they won't cooperate. Knowing they may die within 24 hours without food, Hunter leaves a sign on Sunset Boulevard in the Echo Park neighborhood that reads, “Three little children are dying, has any one got a mother cat for three little orphan kittens? Please bring her to 1569 Valeria Avenue.” Many people bring mother cats, but none are successful until a persistent and ingenious neighbor teaches the kittens how to drink milk.

Today's cat guardians often have his or her remains cremated. The LA Pet Memorial Park in Calabasas is one of the region's oldest pet cemeteries; it is established in 1928.

Famous cat lovers
French writer Colette
Actor James Dean
Writer Ernest Hemingway
President Abraham Lincoln had 4 at the White House.
British nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale
Spanish artist Pablo Picasso


The oldest known pet cat traces to a 9,500-year-old grave on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, which predates early Egypt by 4,000 years or more. When a family cat dies in ancient Egypt, family members mourn by shaving their eyebrows. The cat's corpse is embalmed and a wooden mask is made for it. The tiny mummy is added to the family tomb or a pet cemetery with tiny mummies of mice.


The oldest cat on record was Crème Puff from Austin, Texas, who lived from 1967 to August 6, 2005, three days after her 38th birthday. A cat typically can live up to 20 years, which is equivalent to about 96 human years.

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