A Short History of the
West Los Angeles Veterans Administration
About "Proof of '88"

"Proof of 88" is a song written by Paul Crowley, Michael Mattice, Nicole Miller, and Michael Valenzuela. This song refers to the deed of 1888 which guaranteed the land on the West Los Angeles Veterans Administrations to be for "disabled soldiers" for a "home." Currently, there are different investigations into abuses at the VA and we wanted to show solidarity for those veterans in need -- there are over 20,000 homeless veterans in LA County every night which is unacceptable.

We would like to take this occasion to thank many people who helped us explore the veteran in today's Los Angeles including those who are friends of veterans, like Dreamer who runs a barber shop at the VA-- a strong community site. Thanks to Paul Crowley, Larry Flaherty, Terence Lyons, and Michael Valenzuela.

Thank you to Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio for making the art project known as Strawberry Flag for starting series of human encounters at the VA. We also want to thank the Studio for Southern California History and Kelli Quinones for introducing us to veterans and making it our focus to get to know this group of neglected heroes.

We hope you enjoy our music. This audio recording was when we sang the song at the Studio for Southern California History on September 3, 2011. The images in the slideshow show veterans, friends of veterans, veterans protesting the land abuse at the VA, the sculpture Strawberry Flag, the space where the Flag was before and after.

Finally, we want all of you to consider how veterans are our heroes and it is up to us to make sure we know the histories and promises given them by the American government.


Michael Mattice & Nicole Miller
Hill Street Historians '11